What is it...?

It's like clubbing for thinkers...
…inspiration for the creative class…
...a business social that's more a night out...
...it'll get your heart skipping and your mind racing!


PechaKucha Sheffield

Four times a year we bring together the Creative, Digital and Business communities for a evening of Inspirational Talks, Challenging and Amusing Short Videos, Live Music and Unique Entertainment.

PechaKucha means ‘the sound of chitchat’ in Japanese and is a global-viral, phenomenon that entertains, educates and inspires; bringing together the creative, cultural, digital and business worlds and talents. Currently running in over 900 cities worldwide, the event was first started in Japan in 2003 and Sheffield was the 300th City on the Planet to achieve PechaKucha status.

The thing that makes it unique is the patented 20x20 format - each presenter gets 20 slides, set to auto-advance every 20 second…making an evening of fast-paced, engaging talks that give the audience an experience like no other! Since April 2010 we have put on 21 events at 19 different venues across Sheffield; showcasing over 130 speakers; both ‘well-known’ and ‘as-yet-unknown’ talent. 

‘The Sheffield Way’ we have developed over the last 6 years differs from a traditional PK Event; incorporating Live Music, Entertainment and Short Videos…and is all delivered by our PK Family giving their time and expertise for free, and the through in-kind sponsorship of venues, equipment and resources.

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